Ravian has a network of multi-protocol and multi standard communication platform in all its offices, as its head office being in Karachi and the branch offices in the other major cities of Pakistan (Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Peshawar and Islamabad).

The scope of services develop in our centers has given these multi-nations opportunity to serve their client in a better way and to progress in their goods flow optimization process.

Ensuring the quality of Ravian service its permanent commitment.


Unbeatable Trucking Service

Starting from loading to unloading and maintaining the highest standards in terms of safety while in transit, we take nothing to chance.

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Ravian Services

Over 40 years of service to built on, our experienced management is committed to quality, reliability and innovation. Particularly emphasis on import and export of cargo enables us to expand and confirm our position as the leading Independent Operator.

Reach your destination 100% sure and safe

We look forward to building that winning solution for you!

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  • Ravian has a very strong consolidation to fromall over Europe, Singapore, China, India, Thailand,Malaysia, Indonesia and Dubai.
  • Our NVO (Non-Vessel Operation) is also very strong in the Far East, Upper Gulf as well as Indian sub continent.
  • Yes, Ravian proudly offers more then 800 ISO tanks services.
  • Our ISO sectors include; India, Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Pakistan
    • Ravian is continuously working on more sectors, if you wish to know about a specific sector feel free to contact us. Odds are we are working on it!
  • Ravian has numerous agents worldwide through our several networks. The networks in which we are a member of include; AON, Marcopololine, WCA and conquerer network.
  • Our agents are fixed and we maintain good relationships with them, which allow us to offer our clients competitive rates.
  • Here at Ravian we like to make sure our customers are given the proper and professional services they deserve. We like to make sure that your shipment is taken care of to the extent that all you need to do is confirm your booking with us. Rest assured it’s in safe hands
  • We provide our clients a dedicated sales personnel who follow up with clients regularly.
  • Ravian also provides ‘One Window Operation’ (custom clearance, transportation and shipping). Infact all in one place to keep hassle free environment to its clients.
  • Lastly Ravian’s ultimate focus is to offer you a better solution in terms of transit time and cost.

What makes us special?

Over 100+ dedicated employees, working in 6 regional clusters around the globe, deliver operational excellence.

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