Many Shippers and Carriers relay on availability to decide their needs.Ravian has built an impressive organization geared towards serving in the international transportation.Meeting present needs is only ever an interim solution.Ravian takes the longer view and is always looking for better,move efficient way to help customer stay ahead of competition.In our customer service our aspiring,trained and efficient staff is ready to provide quick rate quotes,competitive pricing,fast bill of loading tum arround. Innovative solutions and design excellence have taken Ravian to the fore front container Technology.

Ravian offers a fleet of dry 20′ – 40′ SOC containers which are (nonperishable cargoes) the most cost effective means of moving goods from the point of manufacturers to the point of distribution.

Now we are moving our SOC containers between Karachi and Singapore,Jakarta, Bangkok,PortKalang,Colombo,NavaSheva,Tuticorin,Durban,Mombasa,Darussalam & upper gulf very successfully. we can deliver our SOC containers (owned by the company) at any destination in the world. Where we can have inbound and outbound cargo.